At Charlotte Sleep Solutions, our dentist, Dr. Stella O. Nnadi, and our team appreciate the opportunity to work with other healthcare professionals to better the lives of their patients. If you have a patient that has been diagnosed with sleep apnea and who is not responding to other types of treatment, Dr. Nnadi may be able to help resolve the issue with one of our custom-made appliances. At our office:

  • We follow national and local protocols in all of our treatments.
  • We stay current on the latest developments in the field of sleep apnea.
  • We require a referral from a patient’s primary care physician or other doctor.
  • We use the best products and ensure that every appliance is fitted to your patient.
  • We stay in touch with you and keep you apprised of any diagnoses or treatment recommendations we make.
  • We make sure to inform the patient about all their treatment options and discuss which treatment will be best for them.

Dr. Nnadi looks forward to meeting with you to discuss a patient’s needs, or to talk with you and your team about our practice and how we can help you augment patient care. If you are a referring physician in Charlotte, North Carolina, and would like to consult with Dr. Nnadi, please call our office at 704-900-5284 and complete the form below and fax or email it to our office. When referring a patient to our office, please include a copy of the sleep diagnostic study and your prescription.

Check back soon for our referral form.

You can also complete an online referral below using the Google Chrome browser.